Success Stories

Amanda's Lifestyle Academy

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Amanda's Lifestyle Academy has changed my life. 

Before joining ALA, I was practicing many unhealthy behaviors on a daily basis, causing my health to spiral out of control. 

Amanda gave me the motivation, education, and confidence I needed to improve my emotional and physical health and I’ve never felt better. –  Andrea Simon

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When I started Amanda's Lifestyle Academy, I didn't have the time, the money, or the drive to focus on my health.

Amanda has a gentle, yet direct approach. This proactive program addresses every facet of my life. 

I'm so glad that have begun ALA because the program is guiding me in the right direction.   - Dawn Schary

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Here comes a bunch of gratitude from one of your most successful client fans.

Amanda's knowledge of physiology, diet, and health is remarkable.

Her easy way of explaining what is happening in the body and what foods and supplements can improve your own body's health and longevity are motivating and inspiring. 
I feel like I'm not only much healthier and happier but I know why. And that is a great motivator and allows me to keep all the things I love about life.

A plant-based diet has gotten me past a  progressive heart disease with much less trauma and debilitation.  I feel like both my gut and my brain are working in sync now. And my blood pressure is down :0).   

I hope your new business grows and thrives so that many more people on the planet can be healthier. 

- Kris Arrington