Lifestyle Academy

A School for Health

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We offer a variety of services to address the health needs of  individuals, businesses, schools and community programs.


Our unique program offers a comprehensive and effective approach to personalized well-being.

We provide a step-by-step guidance on how to obtain a healthy lifestyle for life.


Experience transformation in your daily practices, your lifestyle, your health and ultimately your destine.    




The Methodology

Lifestyle Academy recognized and honors each aspect of life that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.   
  Physical Needs
Pleasure & Enjoyment of Life
Personal Identification
Mindfulness & Self Awareness
Physical Activity  
    Connection & Appreciation
Expression & Creativity
Mind & beliefs
Spiritual growth

Lifestyle Academy nourishes each layer of life in a  natural order of healing and growth.   

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Lifestyle Academy Promise to You

We are committed to enhancing the health and quality of life
within our students, our community and our world!    


We will provide you the knowledge,and support

to empower you in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


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A woman with a vision...

My name is Amanda Hurford. I am the founder and owner of Lifestyle Academy: A School for Health.

I am a registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am a graduate from the University of New Mexico with an B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics.

My passion is health and healing.I am dedicated to empowering other to live  happier,  healthier lives.

The conception of Lifestyle Academy came to me like a gift from the gods. And every day, I am honored and pleased, to raise an incredible school that will heal the lives of millions through improving lifestyle.     

I am confident that with Lifestyle Academy you will experience greatness and riches greater than your imagination.  

Amanda Hurford, MS,RDN, LD